This is the piece I submitted to Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search contest this week. We were given a brief, or story, about a young Brooklyn based woman who needs a practical, yet lovely, pair of sneakers to ride her vintage bike to and from her charming shop each day. Her name is Antoinette and she represents the demographic for whom we were designing. Being a Brooklyn based artist, myself, I feel like I know this person. She's young, vibrant, creative and entrepreneurial. She loves the energy of the city and the warmth and funky trends that come out of Brooklyn neighborhoods. Lilla supplied us with many notes on her taste, interests, color sense, etc. Antoinette has a pretty, feminine style with some edge and a fondness for vintage. She gardens and loves flowers. This is what informed my choices. Plus, I love painting flowers and I think the hand made quality suits her sensibility. I sure hope so. I would really love to get to the 2nd round!

We were required to include, at least, one word in our design. Initially, I considered calling my piece 'Asphalt Garden' a play on 'Asphalt Jungle'. wink wink. I enjoyed lettering this, but in the end opted not to use it.

I also considered a tie-in with the ever popular High Line in New York's meat packing district (where very little meat is being packed in the area these days) so I made this little logo.

In the end, I opted to keep it in Brooklyn, calling it BKLYN bloom. I made this pretty quickly and had to tweak it quite a bit before adding it to the design.

I painted a light whimsical garden. I'm not sure where I thought I could use this, though I did include a few elements in my presentation where my name is located. 

Above, is most similar to my original painting. I didn't alter it much, but I did adjust the color tone and add text. I actually think this pattern would look cool really faded, but I didn't want to risk altering it too much. I assume if this pattern was applied to sneakers, there would be several color options.

I have taken a MATS class with Lilla and her Bootcamp, which definitely preps you for what to expect. I always enjoy the exercises and reference she provides as warm up. I really enjoyed seeing and reading about just who 'Antoinette' is. It makes it fun and the parameters keep you in check. As my friends know, painting is probably my favorite thing to do, but I need to learn more photoshop skills. My only regret is that I did not place my design on a template or draw a sneaker to place it myself. I love seeing what everyone shares in our Facebook group, I tend to stay in touch with fellow Bootcampers, since I just took that last spring. There are so many smart talented artists and designers participating, it's at once inspiring an intimidating. 

Cross your fingers for me! Right now, I just want to get through to the 2nd round. Nothing would make me happier.

Hope you're enjoying this last weekend in August! I've spent most of my time working this summer, whether on scenic jobs/commercials or on my own portfolio, but I always feel a little sad when summer fades. I adore September and fall clothes and of course, 'Summer End' sales, but I think most of us never get over that "school summer break" feeling coming to a close. 

Thanks for taking a look! xo, A

Mish Mash

Hi August! I've been busy with scenic work on commercials lately, but I have continued to work on some new paintings. I was excited to stumble upon Instagram's Layout app, so I decided to post here as well as on Instagram Hope you enjoy these mini mash-ups :)

What’s Stopping You?

I recently saw this quote and I had to ask myself the question. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. I also know that my work is good enough to, as I like to say, exist in the world (in more than the tiny way that it does). I want to license it, I want to write & illustrate kids' books, I want to do more custom work and sell my art & products. I've been painting for over 20 years. It's not that I haven't experienced success, in film/TV business and with my custom work and murals. It's just that I never really experience a breakthrough or gain the amount of exposure necessary to snap up the kind of projects I'd love to do. Am I not ready? Is it my own fault? I know I'm not alone in feeling like this and I look at other artists' work all the time and think damn! that's so great! I guess I ignore the really terrible and bland stuff out there (and there's a lot of it ;) I think I'm sometimes easily discouraged. I've never been a quitter, but I wonder how long I will simply strive for a new career, that in the end, exists as merely a hobby. I think, if I'm honest, I'll feel heartbroken. I could be in a weird mood, since I am pretty tired after some long hours on a couple of jobs this week. But, this comes up for me again and again. Sometimes, I'm just happy to paint and other times I walk through say, Anthropologie and think why can't I have work on tea towels, ceramics, fabrics...? I've really enjoyed taking Lilla Rogers MATS courses and connecting with other artists. It seems like every day, one or more of them are getting cool projects or an agent for representation and I wonder if that will ever be me. I have to start doing things differently and I have to stop living my life like it's a "dress rehearsal" (Yes, I get hooked on quotes!) I'm excited to participate in Lilla's Global Talent Search, starting next Friday and yet, I'm afraid that I won't get through the 1st round. It shouldn't matter so much. I need to push myself to get out there, regardless of how I size up in contests. I hope I won't always feel like an outsider. Ok, don't worry - I just needed to express some feelings today. I think frustration can too easily become part of your personality and it bores me. I am boring myself.

I'm about to go out and enjoy the nice weather and a lovely cocktail at Leyenda If you live in Brooklyn and haven't tried it, they serve up very tasty food and cocktails.

"After all... tomorrow is another day!"  Scarlett - 'Gone with the Wind'  / Though my favorite quote comes from Rhett "No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how." ;)

Little skunk has been hiding in the woods. Will he come out? 

Little skunk has been hiding in the woods. Will he come out? 

I like this bear. She's making her way into a little story. Look forward to seeing where she goes...  Thanks for stopping by. Have a great sunny weekend! xo, A

I like this bear. She's making her way into a little story. Look forward to seeing where she goes...

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great sunny weekend! xo, A

Hi July!

Today I decided to integrate my blog with my website. I started Blipadee blog on April 20, 2009. It's a snapshot of my life in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I shared my artwork, exhibition news and work by my friends, posted some neat interviews and shared some news about businesses & characters in and around the neighborhood... You can visit my archives here -  Blipadee blog 

Now, onto some new summer paintings. Currently, I'm somewhat addicted to painting florals and you can often find an animal or two in the mix :) These are all done with acrylics on gesso board.

I also changed my logo. It's a poodle, which you might have noticed on the top left of each page. I'm testing her out at the moment. I like her face. Hope you enjoy these new pieces! 

Thanks for stopping by! xo, A