Cover your walls!

Bright : Cozy : Happy


There’s a scene in Tootsie that’s always stuck with me. It’s “pillow talk” between Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman about how she decided on her childhood bedroom wallpaper - her mom chose “the daisies and the little rosebuds bc daisies are such homey flowers and rosebuds are so cheerful and always waiting to bloom”. She adds,

“I made a million plans looking at this wallpaper, I was always waiting for these rosebuds to open.”


I’ve been mocking up some of my recent work as wallpaper and framed art, along with my pillows, some dishes and other home decor, as promotional pieces.


I’ve been making all types of paintings for over 20 years. My focus in recent years has, predominantly been on creating art and scenes for children. Maybe because I look back on my early years with such fondness. I often feel nostalgic for designs from the 70s & 80s. I try not to be derivative, but to evoke those feelings of joy, in friendships (real & imagined) and the sense of security & fun that I felt as a young kid.


Another movie scene that influenced me as a kid was Kramer vs Kramer. By chance, it’s also a Dustin Hoffman film. Although, it was sad that Meryl had to leave her family, I really loved the clouds she had painted on her son’s bedroom walls. I can’t say that’s why I decided many many years later, to paint custom murals. But, who knows what the impact of strong visuals and storytelling have on us when we’re young.

I also dreamed of being a Fosse style dancer, but unfortunately that was more of a stretch!


Over the years, I’ve been working steadily in the film/TV business painting sets, while starting to license my own designs. I plan to take on more custom projects again and to work on designs for wallpaper and wall decals. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having something created just for you or your child.


I sell original paintings, reproductions and can direct you where to purchase products by me. You can reach me at or just click the envelope icon at the bottom of each page :)