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There’s a scene in Tootsie that’s always stuck with me. It’s “pillow talk” between Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman about how she decided on her childhood bedroom wallpaper - her mom chose “the daisies and the little rosebuds bc daisies are such homey flowers and rosebuds are so cheerful and always waiting to bloom”. She adds,

“I made a million plans looking at this wallpaper, I was always waiting for these rosebuds to open.”


I’ve been mocking up some of my recent work as wallpaper and framed art, along with my pillows, some dishes and other home decor, as promotional pieces.


I’ve been making all types of paintings for over 20 years. My focus in recent years has, predominantly been on creating art and scenes for children. Maybe because I look back on my early years with such fondness. I often feel nostalgic for designs from the 70s & 80s. I try not to be derivative, but to evoke those feelings of joy, in friendships (real & imagined) and the sense of security & fun that I felt as a young kid.


Another movie scene that influenced me as a kid was Kramer vs Kramer. By chance, it’s also a Dustin Hoffman film. Although, it was sad that Meryl had to leave her family, I really loved the clouds she had painted on her son’s bedroom walls. I can’t say that’s why I decided many many years later, to paint custom murals. But, who knows what the impact of strong visuals and storytelling have on us when we’re young.

I also dreamed of being a Fosse style dancer, but unfortunately that was more of a stretch!


Over the years, I’ve been working steadily in the film/TV business painting sets, while starting to license my own designs. I plan to take on more custom projects again and to work on designs for wallpaper and wall decals. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having something created just for you or your child.


I sell original paintings, reproductions and can direct you where to purchase products by me. You can reach me at or just click the envelope icon at the bottom of each page :)

Blue Print May 2019

Hey there! Blue Print Surface Design & Print Show, for the trade, is right around the corner.


I’ll be exhibiting select art and product designs with Cinnamon Joe Studio again this year.


Cinnamon Joe Studio will be in the Shop Studio Venue. Please stop by to see the very latest from me and other delightful artists and designers.


Have a wonderful weekend! xo, A

Blue Print - San Francisco

I have new designs being exhibited with Cinnamon Joe Studios at Blue Print in San Francisco Oct 2-4th - the show is right on Fisherman’s Wharf! Wish I could be there.


I signed with Andrea & Paul at Cinnamon Joe Studios last spring. If you attend the show, just ask to see my collections. My latest product designs are not on my site, here, but feel free to contact me if you’d like to take a look :) Included is home decor- kitchen & tableware, bedding, cards & stationery, swimsuits, yea swimsuit designs and more!

I signed on the dotted line and

I have an agent!


I just signed with Cinnamon Joe Studio! Here's a little sneak peek at a few of my product designs. I'll have select collections on view with Cinnamon Joe at the upcoming back to back Blue Print trade shows, starting this week.


I signed too recently to have a full portfolio included, but this feels like a good start! I hope to license and create new work for stationery, fabric, home decor, the children's market and anything else I can get my hands on ;)

                                    Wish me luck

                                    Wish me luck



Every bunny needs LOVE

Here's what I've been up to in recent months - making paintings, working on a TV show & learning about substrates for the home decor market. 


Above, is a mix of patterns I made for my MATS Home Decor 4 class, taught by Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau. It's a fun and intensive course. We covered Metal, Fabric, Glass, Ceramics & Wood. First, we each picked a trendboard (1 of 3 offered) as reference for color, to help maintain a cohesive look. No surprise, I chose "Cupcake Market". During the course of 5 weeks, a mini exercise comes out each Monday, while the main assignment is revealed every Wednesday. A presentation board is then due by 5pm ET that Sunday. In addition, we learned about finishing techniques and read & watched interviews with some pros in the field. A great benefit of these courses, is getting to know the other talented people, from all over the world, taking part. We share information and ask advice from each other in a private Facebook group. I've taken MATS 3A & 2 bootcamps prior to this one and I always meet new artists to admire and learn from.


This was my board for wood products, my favorite, overall. I had some issues mocking products up, so I scrapped some ideas that I might go back to later.  Most weeks, I created way more art than I could possibly use in the time I had.


My bunny trinket tray got a "Shout Out" in the review for week 3, which was Glass. I'm working on similar products to create a set of 3 and some other complimentary pieces.


I recently cleaned up this piece, below. It's a design for a kid's ceramic tray, but it can easily work as wall art or fabric. The bear & bunny friendship tends to show up over & over in my paintings.


My friends know I'm crazy about vintage ceramic planters, salt & pepper shakers, figurines, etc. as well as, hand painted dishes. So I was disappointed that I had the least amount of time to create anything for week 4, arguably my favorite substrate, ceramics! I'm working on a TV show called "Sneaky Pete". I paint sets and for this show, work as the camera scenic when there are 2 units shooting. My schedule varies, but that week I worked long hours. PS - Season 1 is on Amazon now, it's good!


Above, is a vintage-style kitsch design for a ceramic mug. I love it. I own a mug with a deer handle, it's a little awkward but very charming :)


Let's take a moment and play around with a logo :) Ok, carry on...


:: Detail Alert :: I created carved bookends for these painterly books. 


This is Bea, for Beatrix Potter and Mike, for Michael Bond. I was thinking it would be nice if the names were customizable, too. I think these guys would look swell in a child's room.

Books are Magic   is a terrific bookstore in my neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Books are Magic is a terrific bookstore in my neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Here are some sketches in my sketchbook. This 1st one, for fabric, is a good example of the ambition with which I usually started...

This was a quickie sketch I made with some new Caran D'ache wax pencils, so creamy!


I really like what I made for week 2, Fabric. This is one piece below. My board, in the end, looked overcrowded and I don't think all of the products were as well thought out as they could have been. 

Allyn_Howard_Smllr colorful-floral_SM.jpg

I was happy with the idea of decorative animal pillows :)


Some patterns to scroll through, if you're interested :)


And finally, thanks for hanging in there with me! Coming full circle, below are some of the art and products intended to be manufactured in metal, from week 1 of class, which now seems so long ago.  

I'm glad I made it into this class while Lilla and Margo were still doing live reviews for it. It makes it very exciting and you learn, not only about what makes a collection work, but how to manage your emotions - looking at other people's wonderful designs! Again, I've made some interesting talented friends in class and it's nice to see how our own little groups have splintered off to continue sharing projects, insight & resources with each other. 

SM_birds 2017_Allyn_Howard_Sneaky_Pete_breaktime.jpg

Have a great week! Happy Fall!

xo, Allyn